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How To Search for Medical Space

Finding the right medical space can be time-consuming and unpredictable.  Having a good realtor is critical but you can also search for properties yourself using the same free online real estate databases that most if not all real estate experts and realtors use.


  • LoopNet is the largest / most extensive online database of commercial real estate listings for sale and for lease nationwide
  • When you receive listings from your broker, it is very likely many of them were found using LoopNet searches
  • LoopNet is free to use/register and allows you to pre-populate your specific criteria into pushed reports that show up in your email when new listings are available that meet what you are looking for.
  • *NOTE:  When searching on Loopnet, be sure to include both “medical” and “office” property types within your search criteria.  Both will generate listings that will fit your medical space criteria whether you are looking for +20,000 SF large office building or a small 5,000 SF clinic for a specialist. 


  • Crexi is a popular, fast growing online database of commercial real estate opportunities both for sale and for lease
  • Crexi is owned and operated by CBRE Richard Ellis, one of the largest Commercial Realty firms in the US.
  • Crexi’s search engine is very intuitive and easy to use and while it is not as extensive as LoopNet, it typically provides you more information around the details of each property listing.


  • Showcase is also owned by CBRE Richard Ellis and offers an extensive database of listings for sale and for lease nationwide.
  • Showcase is organized around specific search criteria most used by real estate experts/agents and will most helpful to you if you’d like to search for opportunities organized by by price ($ price per SF) and if you are searching for properties in urban and suburban markets. 

Getting lost in the weeds of real estate searches and metrics is by no means a good use of your time as a healthcare executive.  But these free online options are also available to you, are easy to use, and are easy to automate. 

If you’re feeling frustrated or stuck when it comes to finding medical space, try your luck at your own search.   

Please share with us any/all positive experiences you had using these search engines by commenting on our post or emailing us directly.