M-M2 is a real estate investment company based in Boston, MA. The company was founded in 2019 with the mission of expanding access to community-based medicine for every person. The company was founded by Chris and Alex MacFadyen, representing both healthcare & commercial real estate investment. Chris MacFadyen has worked in healthcare operations for 15+ years and has deep knowledge and experience when it comes to ambulatory outpatient operations. Alex MacFadyen has 10+ years of working in commercial real estate investment across various verticals, including residential, retail, and office investments.

M-M2 was founded to address this disparity in access to care by addressing the real estate problem that has contributed to this access issue here in the US. We do this by bridging the long-standing divide between the healthcare industry and the commercial real estate industry and providing both real estate expertise and financial support to local hospitals and health systems so that they can grow community-based healthcare services quickly and cost-effectively in markets that need them. The more medical space we can aquire on behalf of our healthcare partners, the more we serve our mission to expand access to community-based medicine for every person.


We focus exclusively on ambulatory and outpatient medical office space.

We improve access to care for every person through real estate.

Whether you are a hospital system or medical group, your care delivery is shaped by your infrastructure.

We are experts in ambulatory real estate fundamentals, our goal is to clear the way for you to take control of that infrastructure.

We bring your strategic vision for better care to life.

Our Team

Alex MacFadyen

Managing Partner

Chris MacFadyen

Managing Partner

Gonzalo Macera | Director of Investment

Gonzalo Macera

Director of Investment

Dory chambers | Regional Vice President of Sales.

Dory chambers

Regional VP of Sales

Nick D'Addabbo | VP of Business Development

Nick D'Addabbo

VP of Business Development

Sharon Smith

Marketing Analyst

Klein Ochave

Accounting Analyst

Margaret Gesualdi

Strategic Advisor